At REFIX we have a clear mission: To bring the benefits of seawater to all the public, doing it in a transparent way and with a sustainable production.

Founded in 2017 by two entrepreneurs, Raul Anta (Biologist) and Lois Anta (designer), REFIX was created with the mission to protect and revalue marine reserves and oceans, as well as to promote sustainability through a responsible use of natural resources and a controlled and sustained production from the origin and until REFIX is received by the customer.

In 2022 REFIX was acquired by FMR Brands, a business group focused on the development of functional and innovative beverages. As a result, REFIX has a strong and growing international presence.


We believe in the healing power of the seas.

The force of nature as a raison d’être. REFIX seawater comes from the Atlantic Ocean and is the secret of the benefits of our beverage. Their conservation is key for us as a company.

Accountability and transparency. REFIX contributes to the improvement of the quality of life of the local fishing community through the responsible and sustainable use of marine resources. We believe that how we act, how we communicate and how we treat our community defines us.

A model based on innovation and sustainability. Our salty drink is organic, vegan and a natural source of electrolytes. It is presented as a revolution in the face of existing commercial recovery beverages on the market. REFIX has been created to promote, train and build a circular economy, as well as help reduce plastic pollution. We use glass bottles with aluminum caps and 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes with black ink to avoid the use of polluting colors.

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