REFIX Sponsors Volleyball Tournaments in Espinho, Portugal

REFIX, the healthy recovery drink made with seawater, is a sponsor of AMB’s volleyball events for July. The brand activation has been very successful among thousands of participants and attendees in the city of Espinho, Portugal.

July has been an important month for volleyball lovers. In Espinho, the volleyball capital of Portugal, three tournaments have been the talk of the town. 

With more than 5000 participants and 100 clubs registered, the AMB Youth Volleyball Cup happened between the 7th and the 12ht of July with REFIX as its main sponsor. Around 70 thousand people attended the event and the opening ceremony was the perfect opportunity to introduce the benefits of the healthy drink to the public. Aiming to be the “biggest volleyball event for youth in the world”, it is safe to say the success was tremendous.

On July 10th, REFIX also sponsored the famous All Star Game by AMB Academy. Around 7000 spectators watched the matches with some of the best Portuguese athletes and were joined by the Mayor of Espinho, Miguel Reis, the Secretary of State for Sport, João Paulo Correia, and other entities.

Lastly, the third AMB event supported and sponsored by REFIX was Solverde BV Legends, which happened from the 20th to 23rd of July in Praia da Baía, Espinho. The event brought together some of the most legendary doubles in World Beach Volleyball (from Brazil, Argentina, Norway, Spain, and others), but the highlight goes to the historic Portuguese duo Maia/Brenha, who played in their hometown to the excitement of 12 thousand of volleyball fans and players. 

In fact, this duo is the creator of AMB (Academy Maia/Brenha). Since 2010, the main goal of the academy is to recruit young people to practice volleyball. Maia and Brenha were both considered two of the 100 best athletes from Portugal and after more than 30 years of practice, they’re still sharing their passion for the sport and continue their mission to attract new volleyball athletes. 

REFIX will continue to sponsor AMB Academy in Espinho throughout the season. 15 to 20 thousand spectators are expected for the whole season and many sports events are scheduled every year for the city of Espinho.

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