REFIX - Alkaline Seawater


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Água mineral (76,4%), água de mar pH8 (20%), sumo de limão ecológico e eritritol (3,6%).

Agradável sabor salgado com uma refrescante nota de limão.

Sem açúcar. Sem conservantes nem corantes.

* Imposto incluído.

Benefits of drinking REFIX

REFIX is the only drink that contains 15 % of the recommended daily value of magnesium in a natural way, therefore, REFIX:

1.Contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue
2.Strengthens the normal psychological & muscle function
3.Supports to normal functioning of the nervous system
4.Helps normal bones and teeth maintenance
5.Promotes electrolyte balance
6.The normal function of the immune system (orange).

REFIX acts best as a daily supplement, an extra push to continue with your daily routine since it contains the perfect elements to hydrate your body and recharge your battery back to 100%.

REFIX restores and replenish your body after strenuous, prolonged physical activities, a long day at the office, a fun day under the scorching sun, or a long, crazy night out partying.