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REFIX Coconut + Pineapple and Coconut + Apple 500ml Bottle

– Ecological apple Juice (40%)
– Ecological coconut water (37,5%)
– Seawater (20%
– Ecological lemon juice (2,5%)

– Ecological coconut water (47%)
– Ecological pineapple Juice (30%)
– Seawater (20%)z
– Lemon Juice (3%).


– PH8 alkaline seawater from the Death Coast
– Source of extreme hydration thanks to the coconut water as well as the seawater
– Coconut water can improve physical performance
– Apple juice delievers an unbeatable taste
– High in Potassium
– High in Magnesium

REFIX is perfect to beat the extreme heat and keep you hydrated
Switch out the soft drinks for REFIX and see the change in your physical performance
Having REFIX in your refridgerator ensures extreme hydration
Reinforces your cognifitive ability during periods of high temperatures
Helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue
Coconut water helps to stabilize blood pressure”

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“New horizons of flavor await you, enhanced by the unique touch of seawater. Experience the exotic and refreshing, always ensuring the highest ecological quality and respect for its origin.

Coconut and Pineapple
From the ecological fields of Costa Rica and the ocean’s freshness, this new flavor arrives—a refreshing journey with every sip. Recover and revitalize after exercise with the natural power of organic coconut water, one of the least processed on the market, the mineral touch of seawater, and the sweetness of the highest quality Golden Sweet pineapple.

Coconut and Apple
The flavor of Spanish organic apples merges with the tropical freshness of unfiltered, high-quality coconut water and the revitalizing balance of seawater in our sweetest formula. This combination is perfect for conquering extreme heat.”

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