Packaging choices impact the natural world

REFIX is a recovery drink made with seawater, it was born to completely change the way we understand refreshing drinks and designed under a concept of sustainability that seeks to value sustainable food products through innovation, health and the environment.

Our values are what sustain everything we do as a company and help us to strengthen relationships with all of our suppliers, clients and the community.

REFIX, is a functional drink in a glass bottle and cardboard box. Our packaging meets the key concepts of eco design; It is a technically manufacturable and financially profitable container, due to the fact that its material is of recycled origin and is recyclable, it is desirable for the consumer and it is sustainable, with an optimal consumption of natural resources.

This has been possible thanks to the fact that REFIX has a team committed to innovating to be fairer with our planet.

REFIX is on a mission to create the healthiest and most sustainable products in the world. Along with new ways of thinking, we truly believe in paving the way to a sustainable future by making small changes, with big impact.

REFIX leads with sustainable innovation, formulation and design, from its natural and ecological ingredients and its vegan certification to its renewable or recycled and recyclable packaging.

Rethinking packaging and designing them to be lighter, stronger, smaller and, best of all, reusable helps achieve significant material reductions and using 100% recycled materials, preferably post-consumer recycled, reduces the impact on forests and uses less water and energy to produce, reducing pressure on forests.

It is critical that we keep Ancient and Endangered Forests standing to protect human health, wildlife, and to keep our planet’s natural systems stable.

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