More a way of life

In Refix, we make sustainable use of marine resources, alongside the traditional fishing and its products, achieving a direct impact that improves the quality of life of the local population and of consumers, increasing the income of the active population, promoting the social and economic dynamics in our communities and fomenting social awareness and the development of the market for sustainable products.

Costa da Morte

We extract the water from one of the most unspoilt zones of the Costa da Morte, 70 metres from the shore and at a depth of 4 metres.. The water in this strategic zone has a higher quality than anywhere else on the Galician coast, according to the analyses that Intecmar (The Toxicological Institute for the Control of the Galician Marine Environment) carries out every week.

The only extractive industry in this reserve is fishing, using traditional methods and small boats that have a minimum environmental impact. It is far from contaminating hotels and urban structures, with a minimum presence of tourists in the summer months only, who mainly come for the gastronomy.

All of these factors combine to make the water of the Costa da Morte the best-quality water on the European coast, and it is precisely from here that we obtain our water.

A Local Product with a Global Focus

Our lemons provide the delicious aroma and smooth taste of REFIX and offer a series of benefits that make Refix one of the healthiest drinks on the market.

. Although they taste acidic, they produce the opposite effect in the body; they alkalinise it, helping to reduce acid levels.

. They have powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, thanks to their high content of Vitamin C, helping to prevent colds and flu.

. Lemons help to activate the intestines, keeping them moving, disinfecting them and detoxifying the liver, producing an intestinal cleansing effect.

. They contain many flavonoids, such as citrin and tangeritin, that protect the organism from oxidising agents such as ultraviolet rays, environmental contamination and chemicals in food products.

. Apart from this, they have many other beneficial effects; they improve eye-sight, hydrate the skin, strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, reduce fat levels in the body, etc.

Consuming Refix promotes healthy, responsible and sustainable consumption.

Your body deserves it

When your body is drained by extreme sporting activities, such a running a marathon; after a long afternoon under a blazing sun; if you are dehydrated by a bout of gastroenteritis or a crazy night out, only sea water can achieve the complete and necessary recovery of the human body, because Refix:

. Helps your organism to recuperate from the physical stresses of serious sport.

. Hydrates your cells, and restore their electrolytic balance.

. Rebalances your enzymatic functions.

. Promotes cellular regeneration.

. Improves poor skin conditions.

. Helps to maintain your blood pH at 7.40.

Sea water is a complex and little understood medium that without doubt is the source of life.

Refix offers you all of the properties of sea water, and is a natural, healthy and sustainable product.

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