Being a healthy reference since ancient times

It is well known that sea provides benefits to our mental health and helps up to reduce stress and anxiety. But, have you ever stopped to think if sea water has the same positive effects internally?

Since time immemorial, many scientists have tried to answer this question by reaching a conclusion: drinking seawater is so beneficial as feeling it.

Seawater has a high concentration of minerals that make it especially interesting for our body; specifically, it contains 78 that according to certain studies could help reduce obesity, improve rheumatic pain and gastrointestinal problems. (Lee, 2005).
And you can think for yourself, what are the reasons for drinking sea water?
• Inside the stomach, natural chloride stimulates hydrochloric acid which helps break down food, as well as stimulating the intestinal tract and liver for good digestion (efsa.europa.eu).
• As for the bones, even since ancient times there is a popular theory that relates calcium intake for one purpose: to survive and neutralize acidity in the blood. Sea water is full of minerals with a very alkaline pH such as magnesium or calcium. Therefore, its intake is very effective in ingesting the basic nutrient that our bones need, calcium.
• Thanks to the minerals that this functional drink contains, it reduces tiredness and fatigue and helps to a normal psychological function.

So, after these beneficial points for your body, you will wonder why we do not drink it directly from the sea.

We cannot drink it directly because the concentration of salts per liter in seawater is very high, exactly 36gr / l., our blood plasma contains 9g / l. of mineral salts, 4 times less than seawater.

But if we dilute it in a suitable proportion and filter it, we obtain a perfect recovery drink.

This is what you will find in REFIX, a drink made up 20% seawater + 80% mineral water + fresh lemon juice, ideal to give that recovery boost, with a very light point of sea-flavored salt and a surprisingly texture, something out of the ordinary, something differentiating.

Now it does not seem so crazy anymore, does it?

Why don’t you give your body what it needs?

1. Lee, C. (2015). The advantages of deep ocean water for the development of functional fermentation food. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 99:2523–2531.
2. https://ec.europa.eu/food/safety/labelling_nutrition/claims/register/public/?event=search

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