More a way of life

In Refix, we make sustainable use of marine resources, alongside the traditional fishing and its products, achieving a direct impact that improves the quality of life of the local population and of consumers, increasing the income of the active population, promoting the social and economic dynamics in our communities and fomenting social awareness and the […]

Packaging choices impact the natural world

REFIX is a recovery drink made with seawater, it was born to completely change the way we understand refreshing drinks and designed under a concept of sustainability that seeks to value sustainable food products through innovation, health and the environment. Our values are what sustain everything we do as a company and help us to […]

Being a healthy reference since ancient times

It is well known that sea provides benefits to our mental health and helps up to reduce stress and anxiety. But, have you ever stopped to think if sea water has the same positive effects internally? Since time immemorial, many scientists have tried to answer this question by reaching a conclusion: drinking seawater is so […]

Rafa Nadal hydrates with seawater in his tennis matches

Rafael Nadal has won the 2022 Australian Open in a match that seemed destined for defeat. Cramps, dehydration and physiotherapy assistance have been present in Melbourne. He himself says it was one of the most exciting matches of his career and not for nothing. The victory against Daniil Medvedev has led him to become the […]

REFIX Sponsors Volleyball Tournaments in Espinho, Portugal

REFIX, the healthy recovery drink made with seawater, is a sponsor of AMB’s volleyball events for July. The brand activation has been very successful among thousands of participants and attendees in the city of Espinho, Portugal. July has been an important month for volleyball lovers. In Espinho, the volleyball capital of Portugal, three tournaments have […]

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